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"A marca NGK, referência no mercado automotivo e especialista em ignição tem feito contribuições significativas para o progresso da indústria automotiva, com suas velas, bobinas e cabos de ignição, bem como velas aquecedoras, terminais supressivos e terminais de bobina, além de nossa linha de velas especiais."



" A marca NTK é especialista em sensores e referência nos sensores de oxigênio ou sondas lambdas, produzidos com a mais alta tecnologia e qualidade e os sensores de detonação que têm a função de proporcionar o melhor desempenho e economia dos motores."

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Suppressive terminals

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Ignition coil

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Lamb sensor

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Spark plugs

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ignition cables

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1 minute reading 06.05.24

NGK presents its automotive components at the 11th Autopar

Among the exhibited parts, the NTK line of sensors stands out, which includes oxygen, fuel, temperature, ABS, rotation,

1 minute reading 23.04.24

The NGK and NTK brands change the visual identity of the packaging of spark plugs, ignition cables and oxygen sensors

The changes, which will take effect from April 2024, occur in products aimed at the aftermarket

2 minutes reading 15.04.24

NTK points out the four main functionalities of TPS sensors

Also known as throttle position sensors, they can cause problems in acceleration and irregularities during the driving period

1 minute reading 11.04.24

NTK highlights the functionalities of the 4 different types of MAP Sensors for vehicle performance

The brand also highlights the main signs that the component may be damaged NTK, a brand of

3 minutes reading 18.03.24

Niterra Unveils 5 Tactics to Ensure Quality in Its Factory

The company also highlights the necessary certifications and the awards resulting from the attention it has to quality

1 minute reading 05.03.24

NGK renews partnership with Honda Racing for the 2024 season

The collaboration between the brands ensures that all motorbike, rally, motocross and enduro teams can rely on sails

2 minutes reading 05.03.24

NGK lists three trends in the fuel injection system

Company highlights environmental regulations as major drivers of engine evolutions São Paulo, March 2024 – Niterra,

2 minutes reading 28.02.24

Ferrari's new Formula 1 car features NGK spark plugs

The company, which has more than 50 years of presence in the competition and more than 20 years of partnership with the

2 minutes reading 20.02.24

Niterra, owner of the NGK and NTK brands, provides 3 tips for taking care of the car after the holiday period

Practices such as analyzing the vehicle's performance, checking for possible fluid leaks, and consulting a professional mechanic contribute to preserving

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