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Warranty and Technical Manuals

NGK and NTK product warranty.

warranty period:

The products marketed by Niterra do Brasil have a 90 (ninety) day warranty against manufacturing defects from the date of effective delivery of the product, according to the Consumer Protection Code (art.26, II – CDC).

according to the Consumer Protection Code.

– Invoice of purchase of the product, within 90 days;

– Vehicle data where the product was applied such as make, model, engine, year of manufacture and fuel;

– Information regarding the claimed defect and conditions of occurrence of the failure;

Items not covered by warranty:

– Installation failures;

- Damaged product;

– Damage caused by breakage or malfunction of other vehicle components;

– Natural wear of the product;

– Contamination of the product by fuel or other contaminants;

– Incorrect application of the product;

See the correct application of NGK products in our application table, quick search on the website www.ngkntk.com.br, NGK electronic catalog or NGK App;

To make it easier, NGK provides the market with technical information and fault diagnosis posters, where we indicate the main points that are not covered by NGK's warranty. See this material at the link: (website link to troubleshooting poster).

How to claim a product warranty:

The way to request the guarantee basically depends on the way in which the products are sold.

– For purchases via e-commerce – via websites, shopping app:

Each site has a specific warranty policy, consult the site or the supplier for the applicable policies.

– For purchases via distributors and auto parts:

Each company has a procedure for returning parts under warranty, consult your distributor and/or trusted auto parts dealer to know their warranty policy.

In all cases, suppliers must verify that the claimed parts meet the warranty conditions regarding term, period (invoice), failure conditions, application data.

The parts must be returned to the NGK distributor for technical analysis of the product. Parts that do not meet the warranty conditions established by NGK will be returned with an appraisal report, with the reasons for the refusal.

– For parts sold as original equipment from an automaker (which came out of the vehicle or purchased at dealerships as original parts), consult the dealerships of the respective brand, as these parts are subject to the warranty policies and specific analysis of each automaker. Your service can be carried out through the brand's dealerships.

How to recognize an original part or original parts trade?

– The original parts have the assembler's logo and/or the assembler's part number.

If you have any questions, look for the automaker's Customer Service - SAC.

If you have any questions, you can contact NGK via SAC 0800 019 7112, email duvidas@ngkntk.com.br according to the Consumer Protection Code www.ngkntk.com.br.


The technical manuals are separated by product line: Spark Plugs and Cables, Oxygen Sensors and Ignition Coils.

If you have any further questions, please contact our Customer Service: 0800 019 7112 or email duvidas@ngkntk.com.br

Click on the image to download Ignition Coils, Spark Plugs and Cables and Oxygen Sensors manuals.

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