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The NGK and NTK brands change the visual identity of the packaging of spark plugs, ignition cables and oxygen sensors

23 Apr 2024
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The changes, which will take effect from April 2024, occur in products aimed at the aftermarket and export

Niterra, a Japanese multinational that owns the NGK and NTK brands and specializes in components for ignition systems and automotive sensors, announces changes in the packaging layout of its products aimed at the aftermarket and export.

The changes, which take effect from April 2024, cover the design of the packaging of spark plugs, ignition cables and oxygen sensors. The expectation is that the new packaging will begin to reach the market at the beginning of May, since this transition will occur naturally.

It is a graphic transformation that aims to establish a new unified visual identity following a guideline from Niterra's Japanese headquarters, as well as a global standardization of graphics to facilitate the identification of products.

What's changing

The spark plug packaging retains the previous colors and logo, but now features multiple languages. On the other hand, the packaging of ignition cables and oxygen sensors has undergone significant changes in terms of colors, layout, and images. A QR Code has also been included on the packaging of the ignition cables to provide additional technical and commercial information.

"These changes are aimed at significantly improving the customer experience," says José Eduardo de Souza, head of Marketing at Niterra do Brasil. "We are communicating the changes to distributors, auto parts retailers, mechanics and end consumers to ensure a smooth transition. If you have any questions, our Customer Service is available. ”

Niterra reinforces the importance of these audiences verifying the authenticity of the products when making the purchase, highlighting the store's reputation research, price comparison and the requirement of an invoice. It is important to note that these changes are visual and do not affect the dimensions or formats of packaging and products.

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