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Niterra, owner of the NGK and NTK brands, lists the six main functions of speed sensors

19 Feb 2024
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Company also lists main cautions and warning signs for faulty equipment

São Paulo, February 2024 – Located in the gearbox, speed sensors are important devices for driver safety that provide accurate data on the vehicle's speed. In order to enlighten users about the usability of this component, Niterra, a Japanese multinational that owns the NGK and NTK brands and specializes in components for ignition systems and automotive sensors, lists the six main functions of speed sensors.

  1. Precision on the instrument panel: In older cars, speed sensors allow for accurate speed information to be sent to the dashboard, eliminating the need for fault-prone cables.

  1. Advanced Mileage Control: With functions such as TRIP A and TRIP B, speed sensors make it possible to correctly control the mileage travelled, allowing drivers to reset the count for better trip management.

  1. Improved drivability with injection systems: In vehicles equipped with injection systems, they help to adjust the injection time per load and speed, optimizing drivability.

  1. Optimization of automatic transmissions: In automatic transmissions, speed sensors iThey inform the transmission module of the vehicle's instantaneous speed, enabling the proper selection of gears, contributing to a smooth and efficient drive.

  1. Improved cruise control: for cars equipped with Cruise Control, known as "autopilot" in Brazil, the sensors ensure precise speed control, further enhancing this driver assistance system.

  1. Assistance in the operation of the ABS braking system: in the most advanced cars equipped with an ABS braking system, speed information is provided by wheel speed sensors, also referred to as ABS sensors, are used to monitor the speed of the vehicle, the mechanic must always evaluate which characteristics of each system are correct.

Velocity Sensor Care

Some precautions are essential for vehicle speed sensors. The variation in sensor drive gear models, according to the application and engine displacement, requires the correct evaluation during transmission repair. Additionally, it is important to consider the number of pulses generated, as externally similar sensors can generate different amounts of pulses, affecting the accuracy of the velocity information on the panel.

Even with proper attention, the driver should always check that the component is working properly. "When defective, these sensors can cause problems, such as a lack of speed information and mileage marking. Workshops specialized in automotive panels can solve these issues," says Hiromori Mori, Technical Assistance consultant at Niterra do Brasil.

In case of doubts about the correct application of the sensor, mechanics can consult the NGK NTK catalogue or the app to verify the correct application. NTK's speed sensors, developed exclusively for the aftermarket, offer high technology and have a wide distribution network.

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