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Niterra, owner of the NGK and NTK brands, clarifies 5 doubts about glow plugs

The company also highlights signs of problems and best practices for maintenance and replacement of these components São Paulo, November 2017.


NGK and NTK are leading brands in trust and recognition among mechanics and automotive repair professionals

Companies appear in first place in the categories of ignition cables, lambda sensor and spark plugs São Paulo,...


Niterra, owner of the NGK and NTK brands, reveals 4 benefits of glow plugs in diesel engines

According to the company's specialist, they provide a reduction in emissions of white smoke and pollutants and failures in the cold phase...


Niterra, owner of the NGK and NTK brands, shows the differences between pre- and post-catalyst lambda sensors

The company explains that the pre-catalyst is responsible for optimizing the air/fuel mixture, while the post-catalyst monitors the efficiency of the air/fuel mixture.

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